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«The Russian Academy of Arts»
21 Prechistenka str. 119034 Moscow, Russia



Conference Venue Second Day

Conference Venue Second Day




28/10/2018 More ...

The 1st International Interdisciplinary Conference "Russia and the East: the Interaction in Art"  (ICRtE 2018) was held for two days from October 18th to 19th, participates came from different countries throughout the world attended the conference.

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International Interdisciplinary Conference "Russia and the East: the Interaction in Art"

18 Oct. 2018 Russian Academy of Arts

19 Oct. 2018 Russian State University for Humanities


Programme of ICRtE 2018 (Eng Version)


программа рус

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Regarding the numerous meetings between Policy Council and University of Eyvanekey as one of the internationally active universities, while announcing an agreement to cooperation and partnership in the first priod of the conference. It was decided that the second conference will be held in 2019 and University of Eyvanekey cooperates with ICRtE 2019.

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The Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH)

The Russian Academy of Arts (Moscow, Russia)

MPRH Institute (Tehran, Iran)

Bharath University (Chennai, India)

Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences RAS (INION RAS)

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Dr. Olga Lavrenova

  • geographer, anthropologist, philosopher, historian, art critic.
  • The honor member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
  • The candidate of geographical sciences, the doctor of pholosophical scienes.
  • The leading researcher of the Institute of scientific information on human science (INION RAS).
  • The lecturer of the Moscow School of Economics, MSU named by Mikhail Lomonosov.
  • Professor of the High Television School.
  • The organizer of the conferences “Geography of art” (2011, 2013, 2017, 2018).
  • The chief editor of the science collection “Geography of art” (1995–2011, 2016, 2017).
  • The chief editor of the journal “Culture and time” (Moscow: International Centre of the Roerichs).
  • Member of the Advisory Board of the MPRH Institute (2017), Iran.

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The interaction of different cultures is a process that goes back centuries and now, in an era of globalization, is gaining new rate and forms.

Russia is a multi-ethnic country, which has united the West and the East in its geographical position and represents a special cultural world. Dostoyevsky spoke about the  “worldwide responsiveness” of the Russian genius, in the act of creativity transform into images of

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