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  • Introduction

The interaction of different cultures is a process that goes back centuries and now, in an era of globalization, is gaining new rate and forms.

Russia is a multi-ethnic country, which has united the West and the East in its geographical position and represents a special cultural world. Dostoyevsky spoke about the  “worldwide responsiveness” of the Russian genius, in the act of creativity transform into images of other peoples, thereby absorbing their brightest and innermost sacred features.

On the one hand, art is thought of as a phenomenon of culture, the most “responsive” to external influences. Famous Russian artists – Vasily Vereshchagin, Nikolay and Svyatoslav Roerikhs, Pavel Kuznetsov, numerous artists-orientalists paint the East on the basis of personal impressions and perceived by the sensitive creative soul the Oriental myths and legends. On the other hand, the great masterpieces of art are “goodwill ambassadors” which carry the best aspirations of the national soul to the outside world, to the Treasury of world culture.

For Russia, the “Eastern dimension” is traditionally one of the determining. From the East to Russia came “the animal style”, later clearly manifested “the Oriental style” in Russian decorative art. This is evidence of deep processes, as the style by its nature reflect the existence of a stable construct in the mentality of culture, which is expressed in the works of painting, sculpture, architecture, etc.

Historically, Russia grew in the East, absorbing new trends in its Eastern territories and neighboring countries. Paintings by Nico Pirosmani, Martiros Sarian, sculptures and paintings by Zurab Tsereteli became an  inseparable part of Russian culture.

In this conference we proposed to consider issues of intercultural and transcultural interaction in the multifaceted field of art.


  • Conference Main Topics

Art (visual and decorative arts, architecture, landscape architecture, cinema art) as a phenomenon of culture

Art as a way of cognition

Philosophy of art at the junction of cultures and civilizations

The influence of Russian culture on the arts of Eastern countries

Iranian Architecture in Russia

Iranian and Indian Art in Russian Museums and Collections

The influence of the cultures of the countries of the East in Russian art, “Oriental style” in Russian decorative art, Russian orientalist art

Contemporary art at the crossroads of cultures and civilizations art

Art criticism discourse at the crossroads of cultures and civilizations

Traditional and contemporary art of the Eastern regions and borders of Russia

Transcultural art as a way of storage and production of cognitive codes of culture

«Indian Trace» in Russian Culture

And Other Related Topics


  • Important Dates

Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: 2018/09/01

Deadline for Submission of Full Papers: 2018/10/01

Deadline for Submission to the Conference: 2018/10/09